Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 4th Weekend . . .

We headed back into the Sinks for a 4 wheeler trip with Lane and Leann for the 4th of July weekend. Dinner the first night was a breeze, the boys just wanted hot dogs over the fire . . .
After dinner Hunter wanted to go for a ride while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive. Troy is so patient with Hunter boy, I love how he takes the time to talk as well and listen to Hunter before he goes for a ride . . .This was camp for the weekend . . .
While Hunter was patiently waiting his grandparents to arrive, he got brave and started doing donuts on his quad. Too bad I couldn't take 2 pictures at once, the grin on Grandpa Lane's face was priceless when he saw Hunter doing donuts in the grass!
The Three Amigos were seeing if they could get Hunter's machine to run more smoothly . . .
Hunter thought it was really cool to drive Grandma around the meadow on Grandpa's 4 wheeler!
Worms were a hit with Bubba that weekend! He and Snoopy spent hours digging for worms . . . once TJ got a cup full, he would sit in a chair and stare at them. . .every once in a while he would pull one out to see what it looked like! That he definately gets from his Daddy! This mom doesn't have the patience to watch worms in a cup! LOL!
The boys loved playing with the bubbles with Grandma too. . .
It's been a long time since we camped with just Lane and Leann! It was a great weekend! No drama and just a bunch of fun family time!!!


Jenny said...

Love the update. You have such a cute family.

Adam and Sherry said...

So cute!!!!!! Glad you are having such a great summer. Miss you tons :)

Pro said...

I love camping! You guys look like you had fun

Cris said...


DL3 said...

muzicangel said...

that was so great...

Boris said...

L&P was here. :)

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